twenty ways to get rid of clingy, annoying guys

5 06 2011

as a girl, being a teenager and having friends that are girls, i am constantly asked, along with every other teenage girl other then major losers, for advice relating to relationships. myself, i have issues with guy, trust, and i am very anti-commitment. but that doesnt mean friends do not ask for help. so here it goes, for those girls who have boyfriends or guys intereted in a unwanted relationship who are insistant, annoying, clingy, needed, and jut plain in the way, here are twenty ways to get rid of them…

1. while in the “friend zone” if they are expressing feelings toward you that are not exactly mutual, just be a major bitch to them. try to be loud, act self concious, needy, i know it might not be who you are, but it will surely get a guy off your back. most guy do not like baggage.

2. when he asks you out on a date (and i mean on a date for a set amount of time on a certain date at a certain place, not high school date where the boy asks you out and you never know what the relationship is like off the playground) then say yes, that same night make other plans with friends and blow them off. to make it obvious you are not interested, make plans with your friends at the same location of your date, when he sees you, say you forgot.

3. tell him you are not interested in a relationship at the time.

4. tell him you are just not interested in him.

5. tell him your a lesbian.

6. when he asks you out, say yes, the next day say you had taken a lot of ___ (niquil / gravol / t3s / you get the idea) and you thought he was joking and you played along.

7. meet him at the location of your date and when you see him glance casually at your watch and ask what the date is, pretend you forgot that you had an important appointment or meeting for work or at the doctors or with family and friends.

8. make sure he is buying dinner, or he is paying for the movie, whatever, and order either a lot of food, or the most expensive item on the menu.

9. talk about yourself. only you. do not ask him questions about his life, his work, his family, anything. if you do not like him, then try to act self absorbed, spill yourself to him and tell him stuff about yourself that will make him feel awkward. a big part of a relationship is feeling comfortable – make him as uncomfortable as possible.

10. ask him if he has sex with girls on the first date, if he says yes tell him “i am on my period.” that is a turn off.

11. tell him you are a virgin.

12. ask him what his ideal girl is like, be the total opposite.

13. go on the date and ditch him for another guy.

14. get his friends to distract him! (try giving him 20 CRAZY dares at random times during a certain duration of time, like four months, or six, or a year! not to mention it is fun and amusing! win win!)

15. tell his friends you dont like him, they are bound to slip the information at some point in time.

16. ask his friends to find him another girl that will totally change his mind!





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